Process Components

Kieley & Mueller (K-MAX)
1-8" Eccentric Rotary Control Valves
ANSI 150-600, RFF & Water Connections
Cv Range: 0.25-800, Bi-Directional Flow
High & Low Pressure Steam & Gasses
Clean, Dirty and Corrosive Liquids and Gasses

The ProtectoSeal Company

Pressure, Vacuum, & Emergency Vents
PIN-TECH Bubble Tight Vents
PURE-TECH High Purity Tank Equipment
Flame & Bi-Directional Detonation Arrestors
Tank Blanketing Valves(N2)

Dekoron Unitherm
Pre-Insulated Tubing for Gas, Steam & Liquids
Pre-Insulated Steam Traced Tubing Bundles
Pre-Insulated Electric Traced Tubing Bundles
Custom Designed Flexible Heated Hoses
Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems


Standard, Custom & Graphite Replacement Discs
N.F.P.A. Approved Rupture Panels
Sanitary Rupture Disc Holders
Monitors, Sensors & Burst Disc Alarm Systems
Custom Designed OEM Rupture Disc Systems

Thermal Blanket Insulation Systems & Design
Acoustic Blanket Insulation System & Design
Engine Exhaust & Gas Transmissions Insulation
OEM Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Systems
Complete Energy Surveys & Energy Savings

Nelson Heat Tracing Systems

Self-Regulating, Constant Wattage, Mineral
Insultated, and Tank Heating Cables
Heat Tracing, Freeze Protection & Snow Melt
Complete Multiple Circuit Monitoring and Control
RENEGADETM Advanced Computer Sizing Program

R.G. Launrence Company
Electrically Actuated Process Shut-off Valves
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuated Valves
Heat Activated Fire-Cide Valves
Manual & Self-Actuated Valves
FM, CSA, USCG, and Mill-Spec Approved

Leslie Controls, Inc.
Linear, Rotary & 3-Way Control Valves
AEROFLOW High Performance Control Valves
Electro-Pneumatic Instrumentation
Pressure & Temperature Regulators
Instantaneous Steam-Water Heaters