Filtration & Separation Components

Eaton Filtration, LLC. (Hayward)

Simplex, Duplex, T & Y Strainers
Cast, Fabricated, Lined, Jacketed & Plastic
Automatic Cast and Fabricated Strainers
Fabricated Custom Strainers
WRIGHT-AUSTIN Liquid/Gas Seperators

Filter Specialists Inc.

ASME Code Constructed Bag & Cartridge Housings
Patented Snap-Fit Polyloc? Sealing System
Completely Seamless & Polyweld? Filter Bags
Absolute Rated Filter Bags & Cartridges
Industrial, Commercial & High Purity Applications

Sefar Filtration, Inc.

Specialized Medias for Filtration, Drying,
Transporting and Screening Equipment
FDA-Compliant Pharma-GradeTM Filter Media
Flue Gas Desulphurization Media
Chemical & High Temp Resistant PEEKTM Fabrics

Dollinger Corporation

Single & Multi-Stage Air Intake Filter Systems
StayNew Inertial Spin Filter Systems
Air & Gas Pipeline Filters & Housings (ASME)
Suction & Exhaust Filters & Housings (ASME)
OME Oil Mist Eliminators for Lube Oil Reservoirs

Kaydon Custom Filtration

Industrial Fluid Filter Assemblies
(to 1400 GPM)
Fuel Filter/Separators (to 3600 GPM) Absolute Rated Filter Elements & Coalescers
Turbine Oil Conditioners & Vacuum Dehydrators
Flow & Pressure Oiler Indicators & Meters

Graver Technologies

Polyethylene/Polypropylene Melt Blown Filters
Pleated Depth Filters, FDA Approved
Absolute Rated Pleated Filters (0.04u to 40u)
Titanium Porous Metal Filter Cartridges
Industrial, High Purity & Sanitary Filter Housings

Nowata & Proguard Filtration

Standard & High Pressure Filter Housings
Custom Engineered Filter Vessels
Dry Gas Filters, Separators & Coalescers
Horizontal & Vertical Specialty Filter Housings
PROGUARD Backwashable Filter Vessels & Systems

S. Howes, Inc.

Horizontal & Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters
Backwashable Tubular Filter Systems
Separation & Screening Systems
Mixing, Blending, and Drying Systems
Size Reduction & Conveying Systems